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We are North Carolina State Certified Journeymen beekeepers and have been keeping bees since 2015 and loved every minute of it! We provide a list of bee services, the most notable of which is our live removal of honeybee colonies from a variety of structures. We are also members of the Buncombe County Beekeepers Club.


We have performed a variety of services to customers and organizations from presentations for public education, removals from buildings, swarm captures, monthly club meetings and Yearly state meetings. We offer nearly all task dealing with honeybees and bumblebees. No wasp, hornets or yellow jackets.

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There are many ways you can get involved and help the honeybees and native bees! Stop using harmful pesticides and switch to natural weed killers. Let flowers, grass, and "weeds" grow more for nectar sources. Plant pollinator friendly gardens and water sources. And most of think about getting a beehive for honey bees or native bees.


NCSBA Summer Meeting is going to be in Hendersonville, NC this year!

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